Stand Up

Check out some of my TV appearances along with a few promotional videos of me performing my jokes in exotic locales.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

My latest TV set on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Keep watching ’til the end for a cool interaction with The Roots!

Hippie Roommate (feat. Dave Meowthews)

Animated & Illustrated by
Directed by pomp&clout
Buy the full album here

HBO Down & Dirty with Jim Norton

My appearance on HBO’s Down and Dirty with Jim Norton. I think this clip has lost me several bookings. I promise, I’M NOT ALWAYS THIS DIRTY!!! That was the theme of the show!

Promo: Louis on Love & Marriage

Comedy Central: Live at Gotham

Having issues watching this? Click to view on Comedy Central.

Digital Shorts

Besides stand-up, I also make digital shorts. Many of these videos were originally commissioned by Adult Swim’s now defunct sister site,


The Archduke is a time traveling pimp from the 18th century. He raps in Portuguese about getting head from dinosaurs and fingerbanging Joan of Arc. And, he wears a gold diaper. Just watch the videos.

Check out the Archduke playlist on YouTube.

And if that’s not enough Archduke for you, he has his own page.

Bukkake Milk

Morons on youtube still watch this video and marvel at how weird and crazy the Japanese are.  Nope.  This was the product of two Jews from California, me and Alex Koll.


Tired of living the Fug Life? Are you busted in the face? Then this new at-home plastic surgery kit may be for you!

Tardechai’s Hope

It’s a simple equation: Holocaust + Retard = Oscar gold

Coach Mannish

In these videos, I dress up like a butch lesbian and yell strange things at young brown people. Why? Cause I’m living the motherfucking dream!

Watch all the Coach Mannish videos.

Porn Star & Manager

Speaking of living the dream, in this next series I play a porn star named Louis Katz.  These shorts also feature the very funny Joseph Nunez and Kris Tinkle, as well as the very sexy (actual) porn stars Kayla Paige and Hollie Stevens.  Be sure to check out the 3rd sketch, “The Nut Wrangler,” for information about an exciting new product!

The Nativity Story

The classic Christmas tale, retold for a new generation.

American False Idol

My posse cut, featuring Alex Koll, Brent Weinbach, and Jasper Redd.

Moving Back In

Oedipal comedy at it’s finest, with another brilliant turn by Brent Weinbach.

Elevator to: Space

This ongoing web series is a collaboration between me, Alex Koll, Chris Garcia, and Sean Keane. It chronicles our adventures as we traverse the cosmos…via elevator!! New episodes appear regularly, so check back often.

Check out the Elevator To: Space playlist on YouTube.