My debut album on Comedy Central Records.

If these balls could talk...Download it now on itunes or amazon.

Or, if you’re old school, order yourself an actual cd:

"If These Balls Could Talk" cd

Here’s a video for one of my favorite bits on the album:

Still not convinced?  Check out what these other funnier guys think about the album:

“One would never expect Louis Katz would be the guy that offers you opium after a show but it’s certainly an effective way of marketing yourself. Katz is funny to the point that Hitler would have given him a sleeper car on the train. I’ve re-told his menage a trois joke to people so many times I feel like it’s mine. Just buy the fucking CD and shut up.”

Doug Stanhope

“I relate to Louis Katz. He’s a sensitive, thoughtful, filthy, funny Jew. What’s not to like? His CD is hilarious. I hope he keeps what’s left of his hair long enough to enjoy the type of success he wants. If not, he can always write. Enjoy him now! While he still has hair.”

Marc Maron